Elrond Football

Name: Elrond Football token
Type: ESDT
Symbol: EFOO-8fe2d4
Supply: 100,000,000,000
Decimals: 18
Token information: https://explorer.elrond.com/tokens/EFOO-8fe2d4
Website: https://elrondfootball.com

Token utility

$EFOO is the utility token of Elrond Football NFTs project and can be used on
the project’s platforms. $EFOO can be staked to earn daily passive incomes
and will have a complex staking system that will allow our members to
increase their portfolio and their profit via rewards.

And also can be use to redeem GoalKeepers NFT, which is equivalent to
stacking tokens, and with this feature you can earn remarkable incomes.
The $EFOO token will be introduced on the major crypo stock-markets and
exchanges of the Elrond blockchain, which triggers free trade.

Token airdrops

There will be special airdrops for our community organized on Elrond Football
NFTs official Telegram channel – https://t.me/elrondfootball – as form as daily
play&earn games.

Special features

You can acces and buy exclusive NFT collections only with $EFOO token and
you will be able to attend our private events.

Token sales distribution

There will be 3 sale rounds: Private/whitelist sale, Presale and Public sale with
total of 35% of our tokens.

  1. Private/whitelist sale:
    Total available amount: 5%
    Total tokens: $EFOO
    Price: 0.000010 $ / $EFOO
  2. Presale:
    Total available amount: 5%
    Total tokens: $EFOO
    Price: 0.000075 $ / $EFOO
  3. Public sate:
    Total available amount: 25%
    Total tokens: $EFOO
    Price: 0.000150 $ / $EFOO